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The CNG Family of Companies started in 1971 when Mr. & Mrs. Charles Patel opened their first CTN (Confectionery, Tobacco & Newspaper) store, Capital Newsagents, in Paddington, Central London.
The shop was an immediate success and over the next few years numerous additional stores in Central London were added. Capital Newsagents Group continued growing rapidly throughout the 1970s and 1980s acquiring numerous independent, local and national newsagent chains.
Our shops have responded to changing times and changing customer requirements and offer services such as National Lottery® and Paypoint®, and where applicable Oyster Cards®, Western Union® Money-Transfer and Bureau de Change services.
In 1984, our Maynews brand was formed through the purchase of much of the retail business of Maynards sweets. It grew to operate stores in the North and South West of the United Kingdom and was one of the largest independent newsagent companies in the UK. This business was successfully sold in 2013.
In 2009, we launched our new-format CTN store, Thrive News, at the Westfield shopping centre in West London. Here we have created a compact layout that provides a premium impulse shopping experience. To find out more about our retail stores, please visit – www.thrivenews.co.uk.

In the 1980s, we also launched a buying group to aggregate demand and provide smaller retailers with more competitive terms on their ice-cream purchases from the Wall’s company, part of Unilever. This buying group grew to over 2,500 retailers and purchased of millions of pounds of ice-cream annually. This business has evolved and is now operated by CNG Business Services. Today, this company assists businesses throughout the UK with purchases of everything from electricity through to insurance, credit card processing and merchant cash advances. As this company has grown, we have moved our sales and marketing functions to our office in Mumbai, India and we now also provide third party outsourcing which has gone on to be the largest part of this business.
To find out more about this visit – www.businessoutsourcingcompany.com. and www.cngbs.co.uk

In 2007, we started operations in Poland where we are involved in real estate investment, under the brand of CNG Polska, online at www.cngpolska.com. We have redeveloped a historic pre-war building into a boutique, luxury apartment-hotel in Poland's third city, Lodz.

The continued growth of the company has enabled the acquisition of all asset classes of real estate across the United Kingdom. We actively invest, develop and manage our real estate assets. Our portfolio includes residential, commercial, retail and industrial properties. Our preferred investments are retail-resi mixed-use buildings. As of 2016, many of these investments are owned by PPP Capital – www.pppcapital.co.uk.

We are providers of high quality, private rental sector (PRS) accommodation which we manage through LuxuryDigs. Our tenants are typically young professionals and international students who require modern homes to live in and who appreciate the important of active property maintenance. Please read more about us at www.luxurydigs.co.uk

Our group also provides comprehensive real estate solutions for HNW (High Net Worth) and equity investors and our own proprietary account through GroupSP. To see examples of our real estate creativity and what we do, please visit www.groupsp.com.

We are constantly looking for new investment opportunities and regularly make equity investments into other sectors. We are looking for opportunities where we can bring not only our capital, but also our extensive network of contacts and management expertise.
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